The `--source` Option

What Does the --source Option Do?

Auto-Editor allows you to create timeline objects with your files, however, typing/dragging the file path every time an object is declared is a pain. What --source does is map a path to a short and reusable label. You can use that label to reference the file without using it's path.

# Map a path to the label "dog"
--source dog:/Users/wyattblue/Downloads/dog-123.png

Right now, src only accepts source names and not the file path directly. This might change in the future.

Also, user defined labels cannot:

This is partly because of limitations on file path names, *cough* Windows *cough*, but also to make parsing easy and forwards compatible.

The reason *User defined* is there is that paths given to auto-editor without a label are assigned a name, 0, 1, 2 and beyond.

# How you would use `--source` in a real situation
auto-editor movie.mp4 movie2.mp4 --source dog:/Users/wyattblue/Downloads/dog-123.png \
--add image:0,30,src=dog